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... it all starts with people's stories

About Narrative Inquiry

Narrative Inquiry is the name we give to a way of working with young people on local history projects.

It puts the emphasis on individual stories and experiences – and what these stories and experiences can tell us about wider trends and developments in history.

We have been working with groups of young people, to look, in particular, at stories of migration.

What makes people move to a new home? What kind of life did they leave behind? And how different was their new life from the old?


We have used a range of methods to explore these stories, including:

Oral history + Digital Storytelling + Instagram+ Comic Books + Heritage Trails + Photography + Film + Drama + and more!


On these pages, you will find suggestions and tips for different activities, using these methods; as well as outlines of some of the projects we have been doing.

We hope that you will be inspired to carry out your own projects using narrative inquiry!