Our Toolkit offers different ways of working in Narrative Inquiry.

Five pages of the Toolkit are dedicated to Digital Storytelling (DST)

On this page, there are links to different sections of the Toolkit. There are also versions of the Toolkit in Italian, Polish and Portuguese, below.




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Interviewing people to record their stories

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Drama and Storytelling

Using drama conventions to explore stories and heritage

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Working with Photographs

Photographs as evidence – and as record of the shared environment

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Heritage Trails

Mapping the environment as a "Shared Space"

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Comic Books

Comic books as a way of memorialising people's stories

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Using Instagram in exploring memories and identity


Storytelling through Objects

Using objects to explore people’s lives

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What is a Story? (DST)

Types of story – and prompts for writing your own stories

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Writing a Digital Story (DST)

Tips on writing the script for a DST video

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Digital Storytelling (DST)

An introduction

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Steps into Storytelling (DST)

Story games and activities


Making a DST Video

From Storyboarding to the finished product

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